Technical Tours

Technical tours will be organized on the last day of the Congress, Sunday the 20th of September, and will include choice trips to the following places in Kyiv and its vicinities:

  • Ukrainian Laboratory of Quality and Safety of aic Products with a separate section dealing with beekeeping products. This is the largest institution of its kind in Ukraine and one of the largest in Europe. The laboratory boasts the cutting-edge equipment and does the entire range of research work required by the agrarian sector. Along with the National Agrarian University the laboratory is an offi cial partner of the Apimondia Congress Scientifi c Program.
  • P. I. Prokopovych Institute of Beekeeping National Research Center with experimental apiary and unique Beekeeping Museum featuring collection that no other museum in the world even comes close to.
  • Beekeeping production farm near Kyiv. The farm of mixed production and breeding type outputs wide range of beekeeping products including propolis, royal jelly, bred queen bees, and bee packages.
  • Honey beverage factory. Located in a picturesque place just a few miles away from Kyiv, the factory produces over 20 types of various honey beverages using traditional Ukrainian recipes, which received numerous awards at the most prestigious international fairs. The factory also has an exhibition museum. The program includes tasting of beverages.
  • Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. This huge monastic complex inscribed as unesco World Heritage Site includes quite large monastery apiary. The Lavra’s monks make their own candles, honey, and honey beverages. Besides visiting the monastery apiary, the program includes visits to the Museum of Historical Treasures and unique collection of microminiatures.
  • Andriyivskyy Descent. The program of each technical tour includes visit to this place called “Montmartre of Kyiv”, a neighborhood of cozy cafes, art galleries, and theaters in the shade of the majestic Church of Saint Andrew the First Called. Guests of the Congress can buy here any souvenir they could think of to take fond memories of Kyiv back home.

Also, program of each technical tour includes lunch with local beekeepers in a traditional Ukrainian outdoor restaurant.